All of my items are sized by measurements in inches.

Everything in the shop is modeled by myself so I make the clothing to my measurements*, but I am always willing to customize something for your body! If you see a design that you like, but want it with a different shirt, a shirt of your own, or just a cool stretch fabric, please use the contact form to get at me!  

*Sizing info for each item found in the listing for that item


In order to create a customized piece for you, I'll need some vital measurements! Here I'll list what I need and how you can measure yourself properly! You will need a measuring tape. I get mine at a fabric store for under a dollar. Everyone should know their measurements! Especially if you like to shop online :)


*Never measure yourself over your clothes! You're not going to wear clothes over your clothes right? Get naked! 

*Don't pull the tape too taught while taking measurements, leave it just a liiiitle bit loose.

*Don't suck in while you're taking your waist measurement, you want to be comfortable while you're wearing this stuff so just relax :)

BUST: If ya go braless like myself, measure over your bare breasts. If you plan on wearing a bra with the item you're measuring for, wear that bra when you take these measurements!

Take the tape around the fullest part of your back (where a bra would wrap around) and bring it together over the fullest point of your breasts, usually the nipple. 

NATURAL WAIST: This area is located above your belly button and right below your ribs. Like I said above, relax your body while taking this measurement! 

HIPS: The most vital measurement of them all is the hips, so lets get it right! Take the tape and place it on your hip bone. Now wrap around the FULLEST part of your butt and bring it around to that hip bone! 

SHOULDER TO CROTCH: Don't know the technical term for this one, but I call it "shoulder to hip" This one is for custom bodysuits! Its basically a measurement of your torso! So take the tape and measure from the top of your shoulder down to your crotch. The tape should cross over your mid section when taking the measurement. I will need this measurement for every bodysuit customization!

STRAPS: Everyone's body is different, even the shoulders. If you're ordering something with straps, I'll need this one! Grab a strappy tank that fits you well and measure the length of the straps! Or, if you're nasty, you can use the tape and place it where you want the strap to start on your body and pull it back to your shoulder blade. 

CONFUSED? Shoot me an email using the contact form and I can walk you through it!